Elevate your mood

So you feel grouchy and don’t have a clue why. You can’t put a finger on it. You just feel `off.’ What are your options now?

1. Yell at everybody who crosses your path.

2. Snap at people close to you.

3. Understand what makes you feel so and get a grip on yourself. Smile.

If you chose the first 2 options (Chose the 3rd? You don’t need this gyan), you’re at the right place.

Try these 3 steps. It takes 3 seconds.

1. Close your eyes. Relax your facial muscles (Especially forehead and jaws)

2. Take a deep breath. Exhale.

3. Inhale shorter. Exhale longer. 10 breaths. Focus on your breath. Say `So’ when you breath in. `Hum’ when you breathe out.

Presto! you’re ready to take on the world and make it yours. Try. It’s free. :):):)

Published by Vanaja Banagiri

Author, Editor, Poet, Art Promoter

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