What women need…

A woman has 5 needs according to me:-

1. Conversational need

2. Financial need

3. Physical need

4. Emotional need

5. Mental need

Not necessarily in that order, though. From the time she begins to utter the words `mom’ or `dad’ she wants them to hear what she’s saying. The response or the lack of it – forms the basis of her conversational need, from then on. A girl from an early age has a need to share everything, every detail, silly or serious, with someone close to her.

As she grows up into a little lady, she looks for someone to comfort her physically (an occasional hug), education or work that stimulate her mentally and a job that takes care of her financial needs. However, above all, is the emotional need. In fact conversations, her need for them, is the most basic component of her emotional fulfilment. What, in essence, is this emotional need that a woman seeks to fulfil? For one, she needs to feel connected, let’s say, to her parents, at least one of them, when she’s little. And then as her world grows larger, she needs a friend and then a man (Preferably her idea of an ideal one) and then a child or a few, so on and so forth. When any of her needs are unfulfilled, she experiences a void.

Here’s an advice from a seasoned woman who has been there and experienced that – Nobody, except probably your parents and to an extent your profession, can fill any void. The only person who can sort out everything for you and fulfil all your needs is YOU. It’s all within you. There is no need for us to limit our worlds looking for that specific someone, that particular friend. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we women can build relationships, if we don’t confine our worlds with limited thinking. World is boundless and life has no boundaries. Go ahead take the plunge. Live life to the fullest.

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