RITZ, South India’s No. 1 Lifestyle Magazine, Telangana Edition launched in Hyderabad

I love the print media. Having been a part of it for more than two decades, I have written countless articles, interviewed several achievers including politicians, film stars, sports personalities and spiritual gurus. My latest one is the RITZ cover story featuring K T Rama Rao, Minister for IT & Panchayat Raj, Telangana. For me, it was a great revelation. I went to meet him with several preconceived notions that one has about politics and politicians. But I was pleasantly surprised to meet a man who turned out to be a complete anti thesis of popular opinions. I came out reassured and optimistic about the future of people in Telangana. A fewmore like him will make our country, a glorious one. Glimpses from the launch…ritz-magazine-launch75 ritz-magazine-launch59 ritz-magazine-launch26tritz-magazine-launch100 Ritz ritz-magazine-launch1t ritz-magazine-launch2t ritz-magazine-launch24t ritz-magazine-launch26t ritz-magazine-launch29t ritz-magazine-launch31t ritz-magazine-launch34 ritz-magazine-launch43t ritz-magazine-launch57 ritz-magazine-launch59 ritz-magazine-launch61 ritz-magazine-launch66 ritz-magazine-launch71 ritz-magazine-launch75 ritz-magazine-launch84 ritz-magazine-launch403 ritz-magazine-launch411

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