Bajrangi Bhaijaan & Drishyam – Lessons for Life

Two films. Two stories. Two different perspectives. While Salman Khan goes beyond boundaries fighting cultural biases and religious differences, Ajay Devgn defies authorities and gets into harm’s way consciously. The catch is, while in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Salman braves all odds for the sake of a stranger, in Drishyam. Ajay goes all out to protect his wife and daughter. While the former is an altruistic act, the latter is a self protective one. Does that make one superior and the other not so? Well, this is one of those eternal existential crises… Let’s see if I can address this one.

What Salman’s character did in BB is a lesson for the entire humanity especially for India and Pakistan given the ongoing hostilities and open prejudices. However, Ajay taking the onus of his dear ones’ accidental murder, is no less a brave one. After all, what are we without our families? Considering Ajay’s character is that of on orphan, he probably understands the value of having a family more than most of us in real life who take them for granted. So let’s see what or how much we do for our families? Every relationship depends on the investment of time, expression of love & care through words & actions and most ¬†importantly – are you there when they need you? And no, these are not the actions you take sporadically. We are meant to do these on a regular basis preferably every day.

I must confess here that I did not when I was younger with regard to my parents mostly but I did make an effort once I entered my 30s though I could have done a lot better. I don’t think I can ever match the self-less, unconditional devotion that my parents were capable of, even if I do my best. In the family zone, I plead guilty.

Having said that, I have been in the forefront as far as social responsibilities are concerned. Always standing up for the lesser privileged, doing my best to speak up for the voiceless and taking on my own family elders in the area of inequalities and prejudices.

That makes me more of Bajrangi Bhaijaan and less of Vijay Salgaonkar. Hmmm… Not bad. What about you? Where do you fit in?

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