Brothers – Blood against Blood – First day, First show

Fact is stranger than fiction, goes the adage. For me fiction and facts have been extensions of each other. The only difference being – we can control, alter, fast forward or skip the bits we don’t like, in books and films. But life doesn’t give us that opportunity. To undo what we have done is impossible. We can make amends at best but they can never ever reverse the damage our word or actions cause.

I have been a die hard follower of books and films. I can read every book and watch any film. I may dig them or diss them but read and watch, I must. Compulsion, addiction, disorder, call it what you may. Another characteristic I have, which I’m sure most of us do, is to draw parallels and the need to learn something from everything. What can a woman learn from a movie that is all about boxing and blood shed, right? Well, it turned out that I’m incorrigible and learn I did from `Brothers’ starring Shefali Shah, Jackie Shroff, Akshay Kumar, Siddharth Malhotra and Jacqeline Fernandez in lead roles. Here goes…

  1. If we can look beyond who is mine and what belongs to me, it is possible to love somebody else’s child as your own, even if they are born to another woman your spouse cheated on you with. Watch Shefali Shah’s poignant portrayal of a wife & mother who wholeheartedly welcomes her husband Jackie Shroff’s son even while she is battling the demon of betrayal within the confines of her psyche.
  2. By the time you realise your follies of recklessness and learn from them, life slips away from your fist like dusts of sand. And one day, you wake up old, aged only to realise that life has passed by and relationships are beyond repair. Watch Jackie Shroff’s tryst with alcoholism, adultery and imprisonment which results in the death of his wife Shefali Shah (whom he loves dearly but realises how much, only after she is dead), imprisonment (for accidentally killing her), alienation from his son (Akshay Kumar hates him with a vengeance) and setting a bad example for his other son (Siddharth Malhotra) who turns to alcohol when he is faced with a stressful situation.
  3. Frittering away youth by living mindlessly causes irreparable damage and leads you to a point of no return. (Talented boxer Jackie Shroff wastes his youth on alcohol and is harsh and rude to his wife who stands by him accepting all his drawbacks and a son from another woman)
  4. Age need not be a barrier to achieve what you want even in a sport that requires physical stamina and even if you’re pitted against young opponents. What you need is the strength of mind and a strategy. (School teacher and father of a little girl, Akshay Kumar decides to stake a claim to the boxing championship despite being out of practice and much older and develops a strategy of tiring his opponent before delivering his knock out punch)
  5. Fighting for love leads you to victory as opposed to fighting to get even. (Akshay Kumar needs the winnings from the boxing championship to save his ailing daughter while Siddharth’s only motive is to defeat his half brother)

In the acting department Jackie Shroff excels as the reckless husband and remorseful father, Shefali Shah is heartening, Akshay Kumar is his usual self, Jacqueline looks the part and Siddharth Malhotra barely speaks 10 sentences in the entire film with the same expression. But going from the response of the fairer gender in the audiences every time he appears on the screen, I’m guessing nobody expects anything else from him except showing up. First half crawls a bit but a good show overall. Watch it…

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  1. Loved the review…. as always! 😊👍
    You have me highly motivated to watch the action movie; which otherwise I would never have watched. 😜

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