Intensity & Passion

The two keys to an invigorating life – Intensity & Passion. If we’re not intensely passionate about our work or relationships, chances are we may not feel fulfilled. We feel as if the soul is lacking. When we do something superficially, it becomes a chore. Whether it is cooking, going to work or writing a book. Increasingly, as generations go by, we find those qualities lacking in us. I’m not sure about you but I definitely notice a huge difference in the way our ancestors approached everything in life. There was a sense of fulfilment when they achieved something which is lacking in the Gen Y. Any guesses why? Let me attempt to understand.

To begin with, everything was hard work. One had to walk or utilise public transport to get from Place A to Place B. From school students to office goers, people used their bodies a lot more. Except a privileged few who had disposable income to pass on to their kids to blow up, most of us had to earn the extra buck to indulge our pastime like watching movies nor reading books. I would teach younger children in our colony when I was 15 and continued to do so till I graduated. The sense of fun was far more intense because I had earned it. And then we had to get to the theatre in a cycle rickshaw or an auto, stand in the queue for an hour and felt like super achievers when we accomplished the task of getting tickets for a hit movie. Somehow that pleasure doesn’t match up to booking online and going to a multiplex today.

As far as reading books is concerned, we borrowed from a library. The librarian wrote the date of borrowing and returning on a piece of white paper stuck in the inside page. The pleasure was immense when we borrowed a new book but it was equally fun when we picked up something that had several entries before ours. It felt good to read a book within the stipulated time. We just had to complete it before the return date, else we had to pay a fine. So it felt like an accomplishment as opposed to downloading on the Ipad or Kindle and letting it stay there for months. Where is the rush to complete it? We take our own sweet time or sometimes we don’t even bother completing it if it doesn’t hold our interest.

If we ever planned a holiday outside our home town, it involved long term planning. It had to be during the summer vacation for schools. Once a year, no more. Yet, the memories are so precious. Now, we go on a vacation whenever we find the time and money. Yes, it is fun but as fleeting as the facebook posts. Here today, gone tomorrow. And we don’t relive the memories any more. It’s more like one more place visited, what next? It’s always about what more are we going to do than what we have already done. We don’t even relish our successes and achievements maybe because we don’t feel that it’s a big deal.

So I have come to the conclusion that mental and emotional fulfilment are directly proportionate to the physical effort. Body, mind, spirit are all closely interlinked. Having arrived at this conjecture, am I going to strive physically harder now? I’m afraid not. Because, much as I’m craving simplicity, life has become a lot more complicated. From the endless traffic that doesn’t allow me the pleasure of cycling or walking to my work place or a stand alone theatre (which is on the verge of becoming extinct) to sending an instant sms or whatsapp message instead of mailing a greeting card for a special occasion, I have become a slave to easy life and technology. Obviously, intensity and passion are lacking in my activities. Everything is about getting a job done and being compensated for it. Sigh!

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