How to mend a broken heart … Part 2

It’s all about your determination to move on by channelising your energies into something more constructive like dancing, writing, taking up a sport… You have to be determined to overcome a broken relationship. Always tell yourself that there is more to life. However, It’s important to have a strong support system. When you are going through a tough period in life…. the people around you matter a lot. They must maintain a positive attitude and encourage you to find yourself again. Pursue your passions, find something you love and channelise your energies into that field.

Take your time

And as they say, time is the best healer. As the years go, thoughts come back to you in spurts. Try and focus on the positive aspects of the relationship you had; remember the good times. Recalling bad things will leave you cynical and jaded. And no, don’t grab somebody else in a hurry with the hope that you’ll be able to fill the void. Never make the mistake of jumping into another relationship on the rebound. It’s the worst thing you can do. Allow yourself a few years – may be one or two years – to get over your breakup before exploring the possibility of a new relationship.


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