Life is the best teacher

“Life is 10 percent what you make it, and 90 percent how you take it.” 

Most of our experiences in life are based on our perceptions. There is no absolute truth except occurences of nature. Even there, sunrise in the east is the time for sunset in the west. “Tum dinko agar raat kaho toh woh bhi sach hai.” End of the day, as I hit my middle age I realize that everybody’s truth depends on their perception. So what are we arguing for & about?

Let’s just be and let the others be.

Let’s do what works for us and let the others do whatever suits them.

If we don’t agree with someone, it’s absolutely fine. We can agree to disagree.

If someone close to you is being constantly negative, the best option for us is to move out of their space.

Self preservation is the first human instinct. So it’s absolutely fine to do anything to stay true to yourself.

Published by Vanaja Banagiri

Author, Editor, Poet, Art Promoter

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