Women are the key to transforming leadership in the world

The traits that embody leadership for systemic change are qualities that distinguish women’s unique ways of leading. Women are 45% more likely than men to be seen as demonstrating empathy and outperform men in inspirational leadership, conflict management, organizational awareness, adaptability, and teamwork. Our female Fellows working this year to change systems for women in their communities are no different. We see examples of how social entrepreneurs challenge and shift societal norms, restructure harmful systems, and amplify women as leaders to enable them to change their communities and society. Recently, the #MeToo movement and Women’s March have had ripple effects globally, and women’s right and grassroots women’s groups are challenging narratives. around the world. Still challenges persist in ensuring equal right protections for women everywhere.

Published by Vanaja Banagiri

Author, Editor, Poet, Art Promoter

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