Life takes you where it wants to go…

So why take it so seriously? Let’s go with the flow,

bend with the wind and enjoy the journey.

We’ve been flooded with the wisdom that life is what we make of it, how we can shape our destiny, etc. etc. But as I traversed my path, I realised that you can only do so much. Even that is within the realm of what it lets you do.

Nothing is in our hands. We land up exactly where we’re meant to be, not where we thought we would be. So, what are we getting our knickers in a twist for? Let’s let go.

Let’s stop trying to force an outcome. Or expect that people should behave in a certain way or that things turn out in our best interest, the way we perceive our best interests.

Let go of control, of expectations, of frustrations, of a lingering disappointment.

All we have in our control is the way we look at people/attitudes. If nothing is taken seriously, nothing will seem serious.

So, wear that crown but don’t define yourself with it. Enjoy that holiday but don’t get dejected if you can’t take one to your dream location.

Your own home can be that sanctuary and the sanctuary can become your home. Be a gypsy in this carnival of life because Life takes you where it wants to go not where you expected to go… Have fun as it tosses you onto unpredictable waves and wait till you get to the shore.

And in case, you don’t see the shore yet, just ride those waves, feel the water on your face and savour the experience.

If you’re sad, cry. If you’re happy, laugh. If you’re frustrated, scream. If you’re disappointed, wallow in it till it passes.

We’re on this planet to experience nine emotions not just one.

Published by Vanaja Banagiri

Author, Editor, Poet, Art Promoter

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