Weekend musings

We’re unique. So are our journeys. When we compare ourselves or people we love or our lifestyles, we lose the fulfilment & the sense of achievements. Let’s stay true to our course and be grateful for all that we receive.

The universe is boundless and benevolent. What we seek is what it gifts us. Giving what we need from others is the first step to opening ourselves to abundance.

The next step is to be open and non judgemental. It’s a tough practice, tests us in many ways, but totally worth it.

Walking on the path of non judgement requires us to be constantly conscious of our thoughts, speech and behaviour. Nipping thoughts while they begin to bud, requires awareness and practice.

I’ve tried it and keep practising the whole time. Peace and equanimity are the gifts I’ve received with this practise.

Share your journey with me and you’ll find your story in my next book, only if you wish so. Let’s do this!

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