Life is like a roller coaster ride…

Let’s scream & get excited…

My quote for the weekend: “Life is like a roller coaster, it’s true but, stay on it and you won’t find you!”. The roller coaster represents the ups and downs that life has to offer and for many of us we remain stuck on the proverbial ride for years, experiencing every extreme high and even more extreme falls back down. Yet we find it difficult to learn what it all means. We often view the lows as some sort of failure. They are NOT! Each low is a lesson to learn. To find the true you, you must only observe the ride, take a step back and watch as each high and low leads you closer to contentment, closer to finding your path and closer to finding the real you. Whenever a low point comes to you in your life do not dwell on it, accept it as part of your path. The best teacher is what doesn’t go according to our plans and the lessons the experience teaches us.

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