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This is how it all began. My unplanned & unexpected trip to the Splendid South Africa. I’d to step in for a colleague whose visa didn’t arrive on time. And providentially, I’d applied at the same time as him (to go on a vacay with my friend), mine was granted, his was in a limbo (still is!!). Meetings were fixed, collaterals had to be carried, so I’d to fill in for him.

Travel freak that I’m, I was more than thrilled even though I’d to endure back to back flights from Hyderabad to Milan to Johannesburg. Such coincidences are blessings for the gypsy in me.

What ensued was 5 days of whirlwind zipping to meetings, working lunches at healthy eateries and exotic evenings. Red wine, salads, baked jalapeños (my first), desserts and a visit to the casino on the last night at the famed country of Nelson Mandela. I’m besotted with the azure sky, wide expansive roads, peaceful traffic, well organised spaces and the overall planning of the city. Above all, lovely friendly beaming people. I’ve decided to come back to explore to get my fill. Maybe throw in Cape Town, Durban …

Allow me the pleasure of sharing my experiences. I’ll let the photos do the talking. Today is my last day and I’m all set to pack my bags…

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