5 lesser known facts about Lord Ganesha…

Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati with Ganesha and Kartikeya (next to the Divine Mother)

We all know that Ganesha is the remover of obstacles on our path. We also know that the younger son of Shiva & Parvati, is a foodie. Now, let’s look at a few things which some of us do know but most may not:

  1. Did you know that one of His tusks was broken by an angry Parashurama’s axe, when Ganesha refused to let him meet Lord Shiva who was in deep meditation? Hence the name – Ekadanta.
  2. Did you know that he wrote the Mahabharata while Vyasa dictated the epic to him?
  3. Did you know that Tulsi leaves are a strict no-no for the Lord’s worship? To cut a long story short – Tulsi was a beautiful young woman who was smitten by Ganesha’s charm and proposed marriage to him but when he turned her down, she cursed him. In response he turned her into a plant!
  4. Did you know that the snake around his belly is his belt? Quite a fashionista, huh?
  5. Did you know that he is worshipped in Japan, Tibet & China? He is often seen dancing and is referred to as Vinayaka?

#Happy Vinayaka Chavithi

#Happy Ganesha Chaturthi

#Ganapati Bappa Moreya

Let’s celebrate the birthday of the Lord of All Things…

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