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I remember reading somewhere that all of us have a book in us. I believe it’s true. Every life is unique. We may be able to relate to situations in other people’s lives but only we can get the theme of our life. Simply because, that’s how we’re wired as human beings. Our path is our own and our story is unparalleled. Even dopplegangers have different tales.

The recurring patterns, the unprecedented challenges, the lessons we learn, the tests we give in the university of Life are entirely our own. That’s why there can be nothing called Absolute Truth. Everybody’s truth is different. Therefore, judging somebody’s actions, giving them labels of good, bad, right, wrong, is unfair.

What I am interested in is to share your story with the world. If you’ve a success story of your business, your kids or partners, I would like to be the one to write it. I believe I qualify because of 2 reasons:-

  1. I’ve written all my adult life in various editorial capacities in the publishing world. From a reporter to the editor, I have traversed an eventful path and the journey has been awesomely enriching for my subject and me. I’ve interviewed almost every personality that would be of interest for the readers. From a child bride to a celebrity, Chef to a political leader, I have had the good fortune of sharing their stories with the world.
  2. I have authored 5 books out of which 3 are stories of others. Butterflies and Barbed Wires, my debut novel, Hyderabad Hazir Hai, an anthology, The Placebo Effect, a psychological thriller, 100 Years of Gunupatis, tracing the history of GVK & TSR’s families, The Eternal Couple, 55 years of Mr & Mrs. GVK’s journey…

If these reasons are not enough, here’s another one for the clincher. I also design, print, publish and publicize them with the help of my magical team who believe in books & films as much as I do.

Yet another USP is that I have an amazing film making team who also capture every life in the most splendid way for posterity. We use augmented reality to make them spring to life in a way that nobody else does.

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Let’s share your story… The world is waiting to discover you…

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