Live in the NOW! Want to know HOW?

We have always had the tendency to complicate our lives, haven’t we? Why can’t life be simpler? Easy to navigate. Easy communications. Easy relationships. There’s only one way to make this happen. To be easy on others as well as ourselves. To take life less seriously. Brush off unpleasantness and keep moving. No holding grudges, no getting even, just be in the now! No past, no future, all we have is NOW. Let’s be kinder to one another, keep things simple. When I decided to consciously live this way, it felt like a ton of weight was taken off my shoulders. The unrest and uneasiness disappeared. Some calm descended. Best part is, my health has never been better than now. I’m working on systematic 7 day exercises to help people get to that state of being. Would you be interested to receive them? Do respond with your email and I’ll send them to you.

Published by Vanaja Banagiri

Author, Editor, Poet, Art Promoter

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