Man of your dreams…

Every woman, I spoke to, said she has five needs – Conversational, Financial, Physical, Mental and Emotional. As life goes on, she begins to fulfill all those needs through parents, friends, college, job, colleagues, books, movies, holidays etc. as she waits for her MAN to appear in her world. Eventually he makes a grand entry,Continue reading “Man of your dreams…”

How to mend a broken heart – Part 3

The first and the foremost important thing to start anew is to block the thoughts of the other person out of your mind. Use substitution. Think other thoughts. Don’t expect immediate results. The more you practise this mind-blocking technique, the better you get at it. Next, sit down and make a list of every positiveContinue reading “How to mend a broken heart – Part 3”

How to mend a broken heart … Part 2

It’s all about your determination to move on by channelising your energies into something more constructive like dancing, writing, taking up a sport… You have to be determined to overcome a broken relationship. Always tell yourself that there is more to life. However, It’s important to have a strong support system. When you are goingContinue reading “How to mend a broken heart … Part 2”

How to mend a broken heart… Part 1

Of late, I’ve been meeting many people dealing with the aftermaths of a relationship that has ended. Whether you’re 20, 30, 40 or 50, the pain is the same, though the complexity may vary especially if you’ve given it the legal status. Here’s a 3 part series on how to fix that broken heart… YourContinue reading “How to mend a broken heart… Part 1”