Maharshi – The man & his movie — V-Zone I’ve known him for quite a while now. As an actor & more importantly as a person. It may be presumptious or even audacious on my part to say that I KNOW Mahesh Babu as a person because I’ve probably met him only half a dozen times face-to-face. Both of us played the sameContinue reading “Maharshi – The man & his movie — V-Zone”

The best person to live with

The self is the source of your existence on this planet. Everything we’re seeking in the world — love, fulfilment, peace, happiness – are all attainable if we make the person we live with, our best friend. When you move away from everything & everyone in your life, all you’re left with is your own self. NoContinue reading “The best person to live with”

Life takes you where it wants to go…

So why take it so seriously? Let’s go with the flow, bend with the wind and enjoy the journey. We’ve been flooded with the wisdom that life is what we make of it, how we can shape our destiny, etc. etc. But as I traversed my path, I realised that you can only do soContinue reading “Life takes you where it wants to go…”