Gangs Of Wasseypur only Indian film to feature on The Guardian’s list of 100 Best Films of 21st century- Entertainment News, Firstpost

Gangs of Wasseypur overtakes seminal works like Gladiator, Lost In Translation, Brokeback Mountain, and No Country For Old Men — Read on

Let’s meet again!

Malli Kaludham means Phir Milenge in Hindi. What a movie! Perfect duration, Impeccable Performances, Brilliant Direction, Haunting Music, Spellbinding Cinematography! Amazing team chemistry. In these days of hackneyed stories and cliched dialogues and done-to-death romances, Malli Kaludham is fresh and fragrant. Let me not say anything more and mar the experience with words. Just watchContinue reading “Let’s meet again!”

Super Star – Chiyaan Vikram

The Inimitable Masquerader When he essays the role of a lawyer afflicted by multiple personality disorder or that of an autistic gravedigger who barely speaks or a mentally challenged man with the mind of a 6 year old boy, or a body builder, model and crippled hunch back, he makes you feel for every singleContinue reading “Super Star – Chiyaan Vikram”

Victory’s favourite son – Venkatesh Daggubati

Ever since he stepped into the world of cinema, Venkatesh has been defying clichĂ©s that go with being an actor. It’s been 29 years since his debut in Tollywood with Kaliyuga Pandavulu but he shows no signs of fatigue. Venky, as he is fondly addressed, has been a box office darling for a really longContinue reading “Victory’s favourite son – Venkatesh Daggubati”

Revisiting Ram Charan Tej

The Classic Contender Reigning heartthrob, soaring star or chip-off-the-old-block, call him what you wish. Ram Charan Tej is nonchalant about definitions. Vanaja Banagiri trails the facts behind the fantasy man who has given a new meaning to masculine mystique. Circa: 1989 Location: Film Set, Hyderabad Occasion: Interview with Chiranjeevi, Megastar Cut to 2009 Location: MahboobContinue reading “Revisiting Ram Charan Tej”

Mahesh Babu’s Success Formula

I have met and spoken to Mahesh Babu quite a few times. The first time I had approached him with several preconceived notions of him being reticent, shy, not very articulate and such. But at the end of our conversation, I realised how wrong I was! Here was an actor who didn’t mince words, wasContinue reading “Mahesh Babu’s Success Formula”